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GD350-B Electrosurgical Unit

Item No:GD350-B
GD350-B is a compact and easy-to-use electrosurgical generator. It’s versatile enough to handle a wide variety of office-based procedures with six modes including pure cut,blend,monopolar coagulation and bipolar coagulation.



 Six modes

 - Pure Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2, Blend3

 - Monopolar coagulation, Bipolar coagualtion

 Easy to use and affordable price

 - CF type, Class I 

 - Automatic recognition of patient-plate by single cable

 - PPM system for patient-plate contact that takes into account skin type and includes bargraph display(LED bar) to show contact level

 - Monopolar Two outputs : one hand switch and one foot switch

 - Unexpected power-off protection system and short-circuit protection

 - Autotest: self-test of generator after switching the power on 

Clinical applications

Breast SurgeryMaxillo-Facial SurgeryNeurosurgeryLaparoscopic Surgery
Ophthalmic SurgeryUrology Surgerycosmetic surgeryEndoscopy
Cardiothoracic SurgeryHepatobiliary SurgeryOrthopaedics and TraumaPlastic & reconstructive Surgery
Day surgery

Technical data

modepure cutblend 1blend 2blend 3monopolar coagbipolar coag
operation frequency512KHz512KHz512KHz512KHz512KHz512KHz
output power350W250W200W120W120W50W
rated load500Ω500Ω500Ω500Ω500Ω100Ω

Power source: 220V±20%, 50Hz

Standard accessories

Hand switch pencilFoot switch pencilBipolar forcepsNeutral padWarranty card
Double foot switchInsulation container
Power cableUser manual Two fuses

Insulation container are high temperature sterilizable (up to 134℃)

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