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WL-100 Microwave Therapy Unit

Item No:WL-100
WL-100 is a advanced microwave therapy treatment system of Hutong Electronics. With the ultra-high frequency of 2450MHz, it offers performance, precision and versatility in variety of physical therapy, treatment and endoscope coagulation.



◆ Micro CPU controlled

◆ Precision power with accurate timing

◆ Self-test system, alarm system and storage functions

◆ Physical therapy and treatment

◆ Stable power output

◆ Popular style for 20 years in China

Clinic applications

physical therapyday surgerygynecologyENT
DermatologyAnorectal branchCosmeticEndoscopic

Technical data

ModeRadiation TherapyCoagulation Therapy
(Blue-ray Pulse Wave)(continuous wave)
Operating frequency2450MHz2450MHz
Output power100W100W
Rated load50Ω50Ω

Standard accessories

Microwave accessoriesSingle foot switchPower cableUser manualWarranty card

Microwave accessories could be chose for one department.

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